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To Do My Best

Forged from 30 years as a career professional, I have been molded and shaped by the lessons of Scouting and the volunteers I have served. Perfection is a goal yet obtained, but I possess a mindset that pursues excellence in everything I do. Listed below are ways in which my character, leadership, strengths, and beliefs will be used to help serve your organization to the best of my abilities.


As determined by Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0



People who are especially talented in the Maximizer theme focus on strengths to stimulate personal and group excellence. They seek to transform something strong into something superb.  Those who lead through maximizer live out the concept of taking things from "Good to Great."  Maximizers love to bring potential into fruition.



A person with the strength of Relator will create space for strong relationships to form. They can create the right environment for team members to form close, honest and trusting relationships. 

As a result, teams are more cohesive, communicative and
connected to their cause.



People who have strong Achievers theme have a great deal of work ethic and stamina. They take great satisfaction from being engaged and productive. They gain momentum with

accomplishing more and more work.



People with the strength of Self-Assurance have great faith in their own strengths. They are confident in their abilities and their judgments. They know they are unique and this gives them confidence to face challenging situations.



The strength of Arranger is one of the two critical decision-making strengths. Arrangers are conductors. When 

faced with a complex situation involving many factors, they

enjoy managing all the variables, aligning and realigning them until they are sure they have arranged them in the most productive configuration possible.




  • ​Instead of “why,” ask “why not.” Think big!

  • ​Understand the vision of the organization, how it was created, and discover ways to assure its success.

  • ​Utilize “best practices” that I have both used and seen first-hand in five metropolitan non-profit organizations and refined as a CEO.

  • ​Partner with others outside the norm to create avenues to grow the organization.

  • ​Continuously discover ways to ease the burden for volunteers, staff and families involved.

  • ​​Forward thinking! Will be responsive to today's needs, but proactive in setting and communicating a better future.


A Staff Leader & Developer

  • ​​Not afraid to provide “crucial conversations” where needed to drive performance and behavior modifications.

  • Love to teach best methods and watch staff make them their own – Help them to believe in themselves.

  • ​Lead staff with high expectations combined with a high recognition style – loudly proclaim success and pride of staff!

  • ​Provide service and social outlets for the staff to interact allowing them to become a more cohesive team.​

  • Help staff maximize their skills to achieve their personal goals and career aspirations. Prepare them for their next career assignment.

  • Proud coach of staff that have become CEO's, top professionals, and community leaders.​​​​

Transformation Facilitator

  • ​Continually seek “win-win” relationships and opportunities – be a new business ‘Imagineer!’​

  • ​Meet with community/business leaders - be the "talent Scout" for the organization to identify new resources

  • ​Conduct after action reviews with key staff and volunteers to seek new ways to achieve greater results in the future.

  • ​Regularly communicate with the board, conduct analysis, obtain buy-in for a course of action, then begin movement. Number one strength is Maximizer.​​


A Seeker of Friends

  • Personally, visit and build relationships with general managers and staff of media outlets to build a network of resources for local Scouting.

  • The more we engage civic and business leaders, the more we can share the organization's story.

  • ​​More than 17 years of Rotary service, including Past Club President.

  • ​Friendly and persistent outreach with speaking engagements to increase diversity with people including the Asian, Black, and Hispanic communities.

  • Meet with community/business leaders - be the "talent Scout" for the organization to identify new resources.



  • ​I truly believe and have seen the positive, life-long impact that mission work will have on young people and families.

  • ​Communicate the vision easily which provides motivation for others to serve.

  • ​Summer Camp for many young people and adults is the “connecting point” for them. I have a passion for Summer Camp and served as a Director for 12 years.

  • Accept the responsibility and expect to be held accountable.​

  • Second key strength is Realtor.



​​A Partner and Role Model

  • ​Strong believer in “servant leadership”. All programs of the organization need to view my position as approachable and engaged at all levels.

  • ​​Servant Leadership: it’s not “I and Me,” it’s “Us and We.” No one person has all the answers – use the resources of the group!​

  • ​​Develop an environment where staff and volunteers feel appreciate, find ways to improve their own skills, and be fully prepared for new assignments.

  • ​​Develop an atmosphere where the staff may be recognized as a “Top Workplace.”


A Keen Operator

  • ​Serve as the Chief Compliance Officer to provide safe and free from litigation environments for the organization to thrive. 

  • ​​Integrity based decision maker. Lead by example.

  • ​​Review and share all information available to make the best decision to sever more youth with a quality program. One of my strengths is Arranger.

  • Execution plans should follow proven methods that are easy to teach, follow, and execute.

  • ​Ensure staff and volunteers understand their mission; give them tools and train them; then enthusiastically support.

  • ​Everything we wish to do must have a clear and succinct objective, kickoff, end date, and after-action review.



A Relationship Builder

  • The customer, internal or external, is always priority number one.

  • ​Strong relationships with key leaders will open fast track service, assistance, and approval of new initiatives.​​

  • ​Invite donors, businesses, community leaders and neighbors to the organization's events beyond fundraising.

  • ​Visible at events as a participant leader.

An Effective Administrator

  • ​Ardent user of the Four Disciplines of Execution to manage priorities and production.

  • ​Demonstrated skills in a balanced funding approach reducing reliance on any one funding source.

  • Fiduciary responsibility to spend income not budget and lead the outcome.

  • ​Strong attention to detail and follows through on commitments. Exceed expectations!

  • ​Belief that a strong Strategic Plan provides focus yet stay agile enough to make changes and seize opportunities as they arise.​

  • Utilize online and visual tools that provide pin point information on key strategies that help volunteers and staff make course corrections to achieve council objectives.​​



A Captivating Communicator

  • ​Communicate openly and listen intently to the Board, volunteers, and constituents – they run the program!

  • ​Transparency and communication bring buy-in support and shared vision.

  • Able to address bad press and communicate the vision n a way that brings people together to move the organiation forward.

  • ​Share the strategic vision early and often – to all members and the community.

  • ​People feel trusted when they know what’s going on – ask how people feel and make sure they know “feedback is a gift.”

  • ​Do everything we can to address crucial issues by getting all relevant communication out in the open – genuinely and respectfully.​

  • ​Responsive – return all calls and e-mails within a day.

  • ​Project a fun and enthusiastic style of leadership to motivate, excite, and drive home learning opportunities. People have described my work as "This is a Tucker production," and "I just the love the DTE! The Danny Tucker Experience."​​​​​

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