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Please review this document to see how 4Dx has impacted our council and changed the culture of our staff. 


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Defining the Vision – Executing the Strategic Plan

A good business strategy isn’t the finishing touches on a house, but the foundation on which the structure must be built.

Since 2001, I have been intimately involved in the development of long range strategic plans. Each plan has been a living document guiding the overall direction of the organization and its committees. From working with individual parts, to serving as the adviser to the planning committee, I have worked with volunteers to establish goals and help quantify the progress. As the CEO and COO, this became the framework for crafting my schedule and work flow each day.


From championing the plan, communicated the vision, and holding accountable volunteers and staff to the metrics in the plan, I have been able to adapt to the different methods in strategic planning. In Sacramento and Bakersfield, the plans reflected the National BSA plan and then evolved to mirroring Journey to Excellence standards. In Orange County, we adopted a new process lead by a consulting group called Insigniam. Regardless of the plan or the process, I have been able to successfully achieve the vision of the board.

I believe strongly that strategic plans reflect the people, places and dreams of those that put it together. I am excited to help develop a strategic plan, and firmly commit to assuring its success.

Highlighted Experience

For the last four years, I have championed a management strategy called “Four Disciplines of Execution (4Dx).” This Franklin Covey tool has allowed the Orange County Council to provide laser focus on our strategic outcomes. Treating the strategic plan as the Wildly Important Goal, staff and volunteers focus on leading indicators, use a compelling scorecard, and establish a cadence of accountability that is reported to board members, district committees, and staff. Staff members meet weekly as part of the 4Dx discipline to review progress towards the strategic outcomes. 4Dx has been enthusiastically adopted by staff and volunteers and has been a great tool in tracking strategic outcome accomplishments.

In addition to 4Dx, the Orange County Council began using the Polaris Method three years prior to National BSA adopting the tool. Insigniam helped our council transform our culture, strategic plan and outcomes, and gave staff and volunteers management and planning tools that mirrored with 4Dx, made a huge impact on the level of service we give to our units, districts, families and community.


An important result from using 4Dx and Polaris was the design of an online tool, called Council-IQ. I like to call it the Wizard. This tool allows both volunteers and staff to track leading indicators in real time. It serves as a compelling scorecard tracking council priorities. This tool has been helpful to staff, board members, and volunteers track production and significantly reduces staff time in creating reports.

As an agent for organizational change, I have been fortunate to have been given these tools to ease the burden of our volunteers and staff, transform our Scouting environment, and improve program delivery. 

Strategic Plan panels displayed in the council conference room throughout the year.

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